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Título : Campaña social para concienciar el cumplimiento de las normas peatonales de tránsito en el cantón Vinces. Ecuador
Autor : Contreras Zambrano, Darling Jimmy
Director(es): Moya Puente,María Fernanda
Fecha de publicación : 15-ago-2013
Editorial : Universidad de Guayaquil. Comunicación Social. Carrera de Publicidad y Mercadotecnia.
Tipo: bachelorThesis
Resumen : The advertising image for a business must be of a paramount in these times, where people have more communication tools provided by technology that has revolutionized the world. Also creativity to attract the attention of a target group is important because in this way have a great possibility that the company and the product will more easily remember. The problem is that the company Samboron Car SA shuttle service executive taxi does not possess a strong advertising image, which has caused deficiencies in providing the best service in the areas where it operates care business. The theoretical framework presented by the author, is developed in order that the reader understands the concepts inherent in the research involved, among which are the corporate image, creativity and advertising, among others. The methodology applied in the research is based on a feasible project mode, along with descriptive, for the description of the sample population and that are necessary for the collection of information through surveys. The analysis of the results works for the perception of people in the sector with respect to the company, the service and communication established between these two. The proposal is presented as the solution to the problem found, suggesting different communication strategies for better recall of brand and service. At the end of the development of research describes the respective conclusions and recommendations for future decisions.
URI : http://repositorio.ug.edu.ec/handle/redug/1143
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