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Título : Influence of group work activities in the development of the speaking skill.
Otros títulos }: Design of a system of collaborative activities set focus on group work activities for speaking.
Autor : Arteaga Guerrero, Santiago Eduardo
Jácome Bejarano, Yolanda Dalila
Tutor(es): Zambrano García, Ana María
Palabras clave : SPEAKING SKILL
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : Universidad de Guayaquil. Facultad de Filosofía, Letras y Ciencias de la Educación.
Tipo: bachelorThesis
Resumen : This study work analyzed a speaking problem found in students from Rita Lecumberri High School, afternoon shift, First Year Bachillerato, due to the underutilization of activities that are supposed to generate English oral communication therefore pupils do not have opportunities to express themselves applying the spoken language. This project was carried out through a field study, a bibliographical research and a statistical analysis. In order to solve the problem it was reviewed literature about communicative approaches and collaborative strategies to lead students to speak in English while they work in group work activities. Moreover the research instruments applied were the observation, the survey questionnaire and the interview, with a population of three hundred four people (students and teachers), applying a probabilistic sampling, random and stratified type selection in a sample of one hundred seventy three people. The results obtained from data collection and theoretical basis, demonstrated that students presented a low development in the speaking skill, and teachers are not taking in consideration linguistic and nonlinguistics aspects to allow students to develop oral fluency, for this reason it was necessary to design a system of collaborative activities set focus on group work activities that helps teachers and students to use English Language as a medium of oral communication
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URI : http://repositorio.ug.edu.ec/handle/redug/24314
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