Los juegos tradicionales en la carrera de cultura fisica de la universidad de machala

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UNIVERSIDAD DE GUAYAQUIL: Facultad De Filosofía,Letras Y Ciencias De La Educación
The study of the vocational orientation from a point of view theoretical expressed multiple possibilities to have a more integrative conception that forms and consolidate true reasons for a profession. Therefore it is indispensable to also speak of orientation for the taking of decisions. The present investigation work has as primordial objective to propose an orientation guide to choose an university career, directed to the third year-old students. The different social factors and singular that influence in the adolescents, also highlight because such an important decision as the election of studying some career should be made in a moment in that most doesn't feel prepared for it. That that more it worries the youths it is to have to decide among what they really like and what is advisable from the practical point of view. A career is studied to exercise it and to that he/she will be devoted in its life. The process to choose a career is a step that many take with security, other they cross it with anguish and fear of making a serious mistake, and for some few ones it is not more than a test
This work presents some reflections in favor of the traditional games that the same ones involve for the different generations of our town. In our country it constitutes a problem that every time is less the children, youths and adults that dedicate time to these games, for what we consider that the rescue of the traditional games helps to solve in great measure the necessities of the employment of the free time, in the development of novel fundamental activities that you/they lean on in the necessity of the man's movement, in its interests and psychic states, so that it is manifested in a spontaneous way in the search of satisfactions you consent, of maintaining the practice of the traditional games, keeping in mind the characteristics characteristic of place, the existent physical and cultural spaces in the different communities. Under these perspectives I hope to contribute with a process masificador of traditional games in benefit of the autochthonous cultural roots of our countr
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